1. What does this service check for?

This web based tool will check a secure (https://) URL for the following items:
  • Valid SSL Certificate (checks expiration date, properly installed intermediate certificate, URL matches the certificate domain, and displays the SSL Issuing company.
  • All image, css, and javascript calls on the page are done so securely.
  • Checks each linked css file to make sure any image calls are also secure.
  • Outputs any insecure calls, along with the file (referrer) that made the insecure call.
  • Verifies all third party SSL calls also have a valid and properly installed SSL certificate.

2. Can the service log into a password protected area or send a cookie to log into an existing session?

No, this service cannot log into a password protected area. It also cannot send cookies back to log into a session.

However, if your secure URL has query parameters (items after the question mark in the URL), the full URL including these parameters can be pasted in to the URL to check, and the script will send the full URL when testing.

If you have a ShopSite Ecommerce shopping cart, you can click on the "checkout" button and copy and paste that full URL to be analyzed.

3. Another service like SSL Shopper says my certificate is installed correctly, but your service says it's not. Who's right?

Our verification algorithm checks that all intermediate chain certificates are installed correctly. If they are not, then the SSL certificate is actually not installed correctly. Many web browsers will still show the padlock, but some browsers that are set to high security will not see the site as secure.

If you're not sure, feel free to contact us and we can look at the cert. in more detail.