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Mon, Jan 7, 2019 8:35 AM Eastern Time (GMT -5)

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SSL Connection - Pass
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Let's Encrypt
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Let's Encrypt Authority X3
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Your webserver is forcing the use of SSL.

Valid Certificate
Your SSL Certificate is installed correctly.

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Your SSL certificate matches your domain name!
Protected Domains:
  • www.tentononline.com

Your SSL certificate is using a sha256 signature!

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Your SSL certificate is current. Your SSL certificate expires in 23 days. (2019-02-10)
Mixed Content - Errors
Soft Failure
An image with an insecure url of "http://www.tentononline.com/wp-content/plugins/s2member/images/ajax-loader.gif" was loaded on line: 1 of https://www.tentononline.com/.

Errors that are reported on line 1 are generally not part of the source code. This error may be caused by an external javascript file which is writing to the page, however we are unable to reliably detect these scripts in our automated test.
Please contact us using the "Need Help?" link below if you need assistance with resolving this error.